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We open November on Sunday 4th with Martin Simpson. Whether playing American old-time music, blues, a Dylan song or his own material, Martin Simpson is unpredictable, individual and a guitarist of immense subtlety. There is no doubt that after 45 years as a professional musician Martin is, right now, better than ever. Widely acknowledged as one of the finest acoustic and slide guitar players in the world, his interpretations of traditional songs are masterpieces of storytelling. His solo shows are intense, eclectic, spellbinding and deeply moving.  There is no-one who has more successfully combined the diverse elements of British, Afro-American and old-timey music than Simpson. His 15 years living in the US were well spent. In addition his own songwriting has produced some real gems, from the truck-stop epic, “Love Never Dies” to the profoundly moving “Never Any Good” and "One Day".  Martin has been nominated an astounding 27 times in the fifteen years of the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards - more than any other performer - with 9 consecutive years as nominee for Musician of The Year, which he has won twice. YouTube

Megson, are with us again on Sunday 11th plus Elliott Morris.  Multi-nominations at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards and double winners of the Spiral Earth Awards, Megson draw heavily on their Teesside heritage to create a truly unique brand of folk music.  This husband & wife duo bring an infectious mix of heavenly vocals, lush harmonies and driving rhythmic guitars. Comprising Debs Hanna (vocals, whistle, piano accordion) and Stu Hanna (guitar, mandola, banjo) Megson have gained fame on the British folk scene, not only for their arresting & intelligent songwriting, but for their exquisite musicianship and northern humour. As fRoots Magazine puts it ‘if you don’t like the music here then you have a problem’.  Their most recent studio album, “Good Times Will Come Again”, has gained them much critical acclaim. “One of the most original political folk sets of the year. Ewan MacColl would have been impressed.” said The Guardian. “Relevant, thought-provoking songs that would make Woody Guthrie proud”, said Acoustic Magazine. YouTube.  Supporting will Elliott Morris.  With hundreds of gigs behind him – and a coveted “Danny Kyle Award” from Celtic Connections 2013 – Elliott has a formidable reputation as one of the hardest-working and most sought-after young artists on the acoustic scene.  The singer-songwriter, featured in Acoustic magazine as ‘The Next Big Thing’, taps the strings and beats the guitar’s body to create an intricate spectacle, together with an original and unique sound integral to his songs. YouTube.

The eagerly awaited first visit to the club of Daoirí Farrell is on Sunday 18th .Dublin-born traditional singer and bouzouki player Daoirí (pronounced ‘Derry’) is being described by some of the biggest names in Irish folk music as one of most important singers to come out of Ireland in recent years, and has delivered the album to prove them right. Daoirí spent several years studying traditional music and performance at The University of Limerick.  He cut his teeth as a singer in Dublin’s famous Góilin Singers Club, where he was spotted early on by Christy Moore, and following his studies he quickly found work accompanying artists including Christy Moore himself, as well as a list of names that sounds like a who’s who of Irish folk music.  In 2013 he won the “All Ireland Champion Singer” award at the Fleadh in Co. Derry, and in 2015 won the prestigious “Danny Kyle Award” at Celtic Connections in Glasgow.  Daoirí finally stepped into the limelight launched his own solo live career at the 2016 Celtic Connections. Two UK tours and Festival dates followed and his impact was rewarded with three nominations and two wins at the 2017 BBC Folk Awards. YouTube

John Tams & Barry Coope bring our November to a close on Sunday 25th. John is the most engaging of performers; a singer, guitarist and one of our most regarded songwriters.  Barry is a fabulous singer and keyboard player.  Together they bring a wealth of experience, innovation and tradition to their captivating performances. A Tams & Coope night is like having two lovely blokes in your front room, who just happen to be wonderful musicians! YouTube  YouTube This is the 55th Anniversary of the club!

Dunton Folk concert this month is on November 3rd with Moore, Moss & Rutter

Also on November 3rd, John Otway & Wild Willy Barrett are appearing at the Memorial Hall in Kimpton, creating an evening of musical mayhem and comedy in support of next year’s Kimpton Festival. YouTube Tickets.

If you particularly like your music with an Irish flavour, in addition to Daoirí on the 18th, there is a gig in Toddington on Thursday 22nd.  Brid Harper, Dermot Byrne & Steve Cooney playing The Garret Sessions at The Cuckoo, 8.00pm.  YouTube YouTube YouTube

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